PERT and Monte Carlo analysis

You have been assigned to be the project manager for the facility, equipment, and business system upgrade of a call center. This requires

  • moving all existing call center stations to a newer, larger facility;
  • installing and testing a high-speed, high-capacity Wi-Fi network in the new facility;
  • upgrading workstations so that they include wireless capability;
  • installing a new call center management software; and
  • converting a legacy proprietary business system with a customer relationship management (CRM) application to a new business system.

In this project scenario, time is of the essence. The project sponsor requires that the project take no longer than 6 months to complete. Further, the budget is constrained so that the number of people assigned to the project is very limited and includes the following:Outside consultants: 2Project manager: 1Business system project lead: 1Business system implementation team: 3Wireless system project lead: 1Wireless system implementation team: 3Relocation project lead: 1Relocation team: 2Workstation project lead: 1Workstation upgrade team: 2Outside contractors: Up to five multidisciplinary contractors are allowed in the budget.Note: The wireless system project lead and the workstation project lead are the same person. Two of the three-member wireless system implementation team overlap with the workstation team. This means that only four resources are available for the wireless system implementation and workstation upgrade (not counting the possible use of contractors). The total resources available to the project include 14 people plus 5 contractors.In this assignment, you will use this scenario to identify the project requirements, define the project scope using a work breakdown structure (WBS), and define the activities required to produce project deliverables.

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PERT and Monte Carlo analysis
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Submit your PERT and Monte Carlo analyses for grading along with a one-page written summary of the results and a brief discussion of how the results could be used to inform a project schedule risk plan. APA Style and outside sources are not a requirement for this assignment.

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