Group Dynamics for Teams

Write a short essay based on the scenario below. Use course material to build your case and demonstrate critical thinking and well-structured practical steps. Suggested word count: 1,200-1,500 words. (80 pts)

You have been named the leader of a new team within QuantEx Inc., a Canada-based company that develops computer software. You have been given the task to create a new product that will help consumers to have a better overview of their investments and expenses. You are given 12 months by when you are expected to present an MVP (minimum viable product) to the executive board. The organization is providing you with all the necessary resources and support.

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Group Dynamics for Teams
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And you get to start. Based on the content and resources addressed in class, describe your approach to leading your team to success, from building a highly cohesive team that is capable of achieving its goal to establishing team processes that improve the final outcome.

In this essay, you are to describe the various steps outlined in the book and support your case by providing examples or citing other references. I expect to read your critical thoughts and a well-structured case as evidence that you understand the 1) characteristics of teams (team composition, definition of success), 2) processes of teamwork (team beginnings, basic team processes, cooperation and competition, communication), and 3) the issues teams face (managing conflict, power and social influence, decision-making).

Be practical, creative, assertive, and communicate your personal approach. Enhance your proposal with practical and applicable steps. Write the essay from a First-Person point of view (“As the leader of this team, I would…”), and not from a third-person point of view (“A leader must…”).






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