The Role of HR in Employee Rights and Responsibilities and Workplace Investigations

The purpose of this assignment is to discuss how various laws impact business and employees as well as the processes, tools, and role of HR during a workplace investigation.

Utilize the resources provided in the study materials along with individual research to address the following questions in a 1,000-1,200 word paper.

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The Role of HR in Employee Rights and Responsibilities and Workplace Investigations
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  1. Identify a workplace situation about which an investigation may occur (workplace violence, harassment, employee fraud or theft, etc.). Identify and explain the investigation steps, including the tools, policies, or resources needed to complete an investigation.
  2. Identify one federal law related to the workplace investigation. Distinguish the role between employee and employer rights within the context of the workplace investigation.
  3. Critical information you must address include who is involved, timeframe, objectives, emotional intelligence, confidentiality, and a neutral third party. Determine the potential outcomes for the individuals involved based on the investigation.
  4. Describe the role of employee relations in the workplace. Including an explanation of HR’s role as an employee advocate while simultaneously protecting the company from risk.

Include a minimum of three scholarly sources to support your position.

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