Elements of the strategic management process

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Elements of the strategic management process
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Please provide brief explanation about the Strategic Management by answering the following question:

  • What are the elements of the strategic management process?
  • How are they interrelated? (1 Page)


Please review the case study “Watch Out All Retailers, Here Comes Amazon; Watch Out Amazon, Here Comes Other Competitors” and answer the followings:

  • Can any firm beat Amazon in the marketplace for retailers?
    • If yes, how can they do it in regards to competing with Amazon?
    • If not, why not? Please justify your argument by providing the peer-reviewed sources.
  • Please evaluate the formidability/competitiveness of Google and Amazon.
  • Assess Amazon’s major strengths and weaknesses and provide your understanding of Amazon’s compatibility.
  • Research about www.Jet.com as a potential competitor for Amazon and explain your analysis/conclusion. (1page)

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