Compute the NPV, IRR, and MIRR of the project

Pritchett‘s Closets 8c Blinds only debt is due to its very recent issue of 20,000 30-year 7% annual
coupon bonds that were sold at par value of $1000 Its stock is currently selling for $20, there are 15M shares outstanding, and the stock will pay a dividend of $200 per share next year The dividends are
expected to grow at a constant rate The company has ROE of 12% and maintains a plowback ratio of 25% The company’ 5 tax rate is 30% The CEO, Jay Pritchett, is considering a project that is expected to provide $10M at the end of each of the next 5 years The new manufacturing equipment will cost $30M, and the equipment will be
installed in a building it owns but is not now using The building could be sold for $8M The company
has already spent $1M on research related to the new project 1 Calculate the company’s WACC 2 If Jay Pritchett decides to accept the project, what is the required investment outlay? 3 Assume the project is of average risk for the company Compute the NPV, IRR, and MIRR of the
project, and determine whether the project should be accepted

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Compute the NPV, IRR, and MIRR of the project
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