Compute cash-basis net income

Burris Industries collected $140,000 from customers in 2014. Of the amount collected,$30,000 was for services performed in 2013. In addition, Burris performed services worth$47,000 in 2014, which will not be collected until 2015.Burris Industries also paid $110,000 for expenses in 2014. Of the amount paid, $30,000 was for expenses incurred on account in 2013. In addition, Burris incurred $44,000 of expenses in 2014,which will not be paid until 2015.Instructions

(a) Compute 2014 cash-basis net income.

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Compute cash-basis net income
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(b) Compute 2014 accrual-basis net income. Can you please assist with showing how do you compute the answer? for both A and B

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