Purchasing decision process

Assume you work for a division of 3M that makes medical monitoring systems. How would the purchasing decision process differ in the following situations? Which situation is a new task? A modified rebuy? A straight rebuy? How likely is the buyer to get other people in the organization involved? Which types of people are likely to get involved in each decision? Which situation is likely to produce the slowest decision?

a. The organization is purchasing a customdesigned machine to be used in the manufacturing of metal racks that house multiple monitoring systems.

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Purchasing decision process
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b. An organization reorders plastic shields that it uses in making medical monitoring equipment from a regular supplier, a supplier that it has bought from in the past.

c. The organization is designing a new line of medical monitoring equipment and wants an improved and updated microprocessor. It is considering its past suppliers as well as some suppliers that it has not bought from before.

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