Patterns of behavior

Developing Lives Small Group Discussion Prompts

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Patterns of behavior
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Based on your Developing Lives child, discuss the following prompts. You will also answer these prompts for your DL Reflection #1.

1. What is your initial response to becoming a virtual parent (understanding that you may or may not already be a parent)?

Transitioning to parenthood can be a very exciting and challenging time for families. What are some of the challenges you think new parents have to deal with? Come up with a list of 3 challenges as a group.

2. The Developing Lives program gathers information about your basic biology (height, weight, hair, skin color, etc.) as well as information about your basic personality and cognitive traits and preferences.

How much influence does genetics play on the personality and temperament of a biological child? What is your understanding about which traits are primarily determined by genetics? Which traits are primarily determined by how the child is raised (environment)? Support your answer with reading from your textbook and course material.

3. After completing the Babies and Toddlers module, review information in your Memory Book about your baby.

How much has your baby changed since birth? How does your baby compare (e.g. what percentile is he/she?) to other babies at this stage of development, and to the babies in your small group, in terms of growth AND in reaching developmental milestones?

4. The majority of children demonstrate consistent patterns of behavior that are indicative of one of the three major temperament types (easy, slow to warm, difficult).

What factors influence a child’s temperament? What is your virtual child’s temperament? What are the temperaments of the other babies in your group, and how does your baby’s temperament compare with the other babies in your small group? Discuss as a group, based on the course material, what one piece of advice would you give to a parent who has a child with a difficult temperament when he/she is entering a new situation? What one piece of advice would you give a parent with a child who is slow to warm up in a new situation?

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