Employment Policies

One way you might be able to influence public opinion on an issue like raising the minimum wage is to publish noir argument on the editorial page of your local newspaper. For this assignment, write a two page editorial in which, based on your evaluation of a number of websites, you make a recommendation on what the minimum wage should be in your city or state (Texas). To reach your conclusion on this issue, you will need to evaluate each of the websites, making use of the following information. You will probably want to include your evaluation of the websites as you support the position you are taking.

Sources and documentation: You must cite the sources you use for this assignment. (MLA) You will use the sources listed below and TWO sources of your choosing (so a total of seven sources). You must explain the relationship between your paper and your source when you use outside material. Make sure that you embed your quotes and explain their significance to your paper.

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Employment Policies
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Sources: You can locate these by typing the titles into your search bar in your browser.

\\\”Increase in Minimum Wage Kills Jobs,\\\” Employment Policies Institute, OpEd

\\\”Minimum Wage and Job Loss: One Alarming Seattle Study is Not the Last Word,\\\” Arindrajit Dube, New York Times

\\\”New Minimum Wage Hikes Set to Kill Jobs in 2018,\\\” Brendan Pringle, Washington Examiner

\\\”The Controversial Study Showing High Minimum Wage Kills Jobs Explained,\\\” Jeff Guo, Vox\\\”

Study: Seattle\\\’s $15 Minimum Wage WORKED,\\\” David Pakman, HuffPost

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