Power and position

Essay on Theda Perdue’s Cherokee Women: Gender and Culture Change, 1700-1835

The Question :After reading Theda Perdue’s text, Cherokee Women: Gender and Culture Change, 1700-1835, address the following questions. What colonial and economic forces threatened to undermine the power and position of Cherokee women in their society? How did Cherokee women respond?

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Power and position
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Writing Instructions

The essay must be three-to-five complete pages of text (no unnecessary spaces and excluding bibliography), double-spaced, in a twelve point Times New Roman font. Remember to follow the rules for writing a formal essay and include the essential components for an essay, including citations. Students can use either MLA or Chicago Manual of Style for their citations. This means that your paper should have an introduction, thesis (required), body, conclusion, and bibliography. Since writing style and grammar will be graded, I recommend you utilize the history tutoring writing center and my office hours. Remember, this paper is worth 100 points and is a considerable portion of your grade, utilize all the resources at your disposal, do not wait at the last minute to complete this assignment.”

Grading Guide

When grading essays these factors will be considered when I decide on a final grade:

1) Strength of argument

2) Clear writing free of awkward phrases and sentences (if you are having trouble with this then use simple uncomplicated language and focus on ideas rather than vocabulary and have someone read the paper for clarity)


4) Use of specific events, people, laws, dates, etc. to prove points not just general ideas and arguments

5) Analysis not just summary

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