Quality data analytics

Please refer to the study question grading rubric near the end of the syllabus.

  1. What are the notable advantages and disadvantages of using medical records as opposed to administrative sources for collecting quality data?
  2. Imagine that you lead the quality data analytics department for a large system of hospitals.
    1. Briefly summarize the goals and context for 1 hypothetical quality improvement project that you might complete for this system (it can be any type of project that you think might be helpful to improve the care that patients receive).
    2. For the project you chose, describe how you would select at least 1 measure from each of the 4 categories/domains of data collected for quality measurements that are listed on page 107 (in Chapter 4) of the textbook. (The 4 categories are listed just under the heading “Categories of Data: A Case Example” on page 107.)
  3. Have electronic health records (EHRs) improved data collection? Describe in detail reasons why, and also describe in detail reasons why not.

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