Hardening an operating system

What is the best method to avoid being a victim of a newly discovered operating system exploit? a. Keep your operating system patched to the latest level. b. Review all system logs daily. c. Install a firewall between your system and the Internet. d. Enforce a strong password policy. What does antivirus software do? (Choose all that apply.) a. Stops all known viruses from infecting your system. b. Helps prevent new virus infections of known viruses. c. Helps prevent new virus infections of all viruses. d. Identifies many known viruses already on your system.

Understand the concepts behind hardening an operating system Implement essential elements of a secure operating system Recognize the importance of a security checklistImplement operating system–specific security features Understand basic file system security Which statement best describes the process of hardening a system? a. Identifying the most important threats to a system b. Minimizing known threats to make a system more secure c. Making a system harder to scan within a network d. Addressing physical security limitations in a system’s environment

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Hardening an operating system
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