The ACME security company is currently expanding in size due to the acquisition of a new long-term contract with a large, multinational firm that will require immediate hiring and training at least 60 new full-time security staff to provide security services to the company. Already, ACME is experiencing a large turnover among its line level staff: almost 120 percent annually. Exit interviews from employees leaving the organization have shown that they are bored with the job, dissatisfied with the existing scheduling process that provides them only two weeks advanced notice of their shift and tours, and they are frustrated due to the lack of direction on “what to do” when working. Combined with ACME’s existing high turnover, concerns exist among management that this new contract will lead to increased turnover, added costs related to training, and dissatisfaction from clients related to the “revolving door” of new security employees in their organizations.

1. In your view, could ineffective pre-employment processes by ACME have led to high turnover?

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2. As a security manager, what are some ways to ensure that the “right” people are recruited? What would be some good recruitment sources and why? How could these reduce turnover?

3. What would be some good selection tools to use to ensure that right people are hired and turnover is reduced?

4. What are some employee development techniques to reduce turnover?

5. In your opinion, how could the organization make work schedules more attractive for new hires?

6. Because of the need to immediately hire 60 new staff, how will you ensure that the ACME company is not at risk for a negligent hire and retention claim?

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