Personal development

Personal development planning in practice Identify an individual that you manage who you believe would benefit from some help with their personal development planning (you may find it beneficial to undertake this activity for yourself if you do not have another employee in mind). Find some time to sit down with the employee and work with them on the activities given below. Ask them to think back over the last six months in their job and identify three occasions when they feel that they really learnt something from the following situations: a planned activity – possibly a training course; a mistake, or something that did not go well or to plan; a success, something that went well. Ask them to consider the three occasions they have identified and write down what they feel they have learnt from those situations. When you have done that, work with them to set some SMART targets that outline how they could use that learning in their jobs moving forward. It is important that they drive this process, but you have an important role here to support and provide guidance when needed. Now ask them to consider the next 6 to 12 months in their job.

What do they need to be able to do, or need to know to help them improve their performance and develop their career?

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Personal development
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