Write a cover letter

Learning objective: After completing this assignment students will know how to incorporate their communication skills into a career cover letter.
Write a cover letter for a career position you are applying for. For example if one is going is to school to become a teacher, the letter would be to apply to a school district.
Include in your letter your qualifications for the position (education, technical training, experience) and unique skills you have (problem solver, team building, the ability to collaborate, leadership skills, listening, etc…). For each qualification and skill, provide an example to illustrate how you meet the qualification or skill.
You may use the Internet to find examples of cover letters in your field, but you may not copy them word for word because doing so would be plagiarism.
To earn the full 20 points on this assignment:
The letter may not be more than one page, single-spaced, but doubled spaced between paragraphs.
A short introduction paragraph indicating what job you are applying for and the name of the company.
A paragraph stating and illustrating a qualification(s), “Recently, I earned my Associate of Applied Science degree in American Sign Language/Interpreting. On my RID exam, I scored a level three, which qualifies me to interpret at the public school level.”
A paragraph stating and illustration a skill(s), “I have strong leadership skills developed from years of teaching and leading a division, coworkers often describe me as direct, collaborative, kind and proactive.”
To close the letter a short paragraph thanking the interview committee for their time and to ask for the interview

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Write a cover letter
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