Organization’s goals

Answer the following short answer questions (1–2 paragraphs each).

1. Discuss a specific computerized information system.

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Organization’s goals
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2. What are some of the systems development methodologies used by specific corporations?

3. What steps would you take to align the IS functions of an organization with its organization’s goals?

4. Should technology drive an organization’s strategic planning or should strategic planning drive an organization’s technology adoption plans?

B. Project

Choose one (1) of the following projects and write a 1–2 page paper.

Project A

Choose an industry. Using the Internet and any other available source, research the factors identified in the five-forces model for this industry. Write a 1–2 page paper discussing the extent to which each of the factors identified in the five-forces model are present in the industry today. Be sure to cite all sources.

Project B

Pick a company that operates globally and use the Internet and any other available source to gather information on the company. Based on your research, write a 1–2 page paper describing some of the possible benefits that the company might have gained by operating globally. Also, describe challenges that the company has faced or is currently facing as a result of operating in a global society. Be sure to cite all sources.

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