Principles of law and dispute resolution

Law and the American Legal System Case Questions

The purpose of this assignment is to explain how the principles of law and dispute resolution can be applied to real-world situations.

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Principles of law and dispute resolution
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Using the topic materials and what you have learned about the law, including constitutional, statutory, administrative, and common law and dispute resolution, address each of the textbook case questions below in a 250-word response. In your discussion of each case question, cite supporting evidence from the topic materials to justify your responses.

Prepare this assignment using APA Style Guide, the template has been attached. An abstract is not required.

Chapter 1 Case Question 4 – Lance, a hacker, stole 15,000 credit card numbers and sold them on the black market, making millions. Police caught Lance, and two legal actions followed, one civil and one criminal. Who will be responsible for bringing the civil case? What will be the outcome if the jury believes that Lance was responsible for identity thefts? Who will be responsible for bringing the criminal case? What will be the outcome if the jury believes that Lance stole the numbers?

Chapter 4 Case Question 2 – Carter was an employee of the Sheriff’s office in Hampton, Virginia. When his boss, Sheriff Roberts, was up for reelection against Adams, Carter “liked” the Adams campaign’s Facebook page. Upon winning reelection, Sheriff Roberts fired Carter, who then sued on free speech grounds. Is a Facebook “like” protected under the First Amendment?

Chapter 5 Case Question 1 or Case Question 4 – State which court(s) have jurisdiction as to each of these lawsuits:

(a) Pat wants to sue his next-door neighbor Dorothy, claiming that Dorothy promised to sell him her house.

(b) Paula, who lives in New York City, wants to sue Dizzy Movie Theatres, whose principal place of business is Dallas. She claims that while she was in Texas on holiday, she was injured by their negligent maintenance of a stairway. She claims damages of $30,000.

(c) Phil lives in Tennessee. He wants to sue Dick, who lives in Ohio. Phil claims that Dick agreed to sell him 3,000 acres of farmland in Ohio, worth over $2 million.

(d) Pete, incarcerated in a federal prison in Kansas, wants to sue the U.S. government. He claims that his treatment by prison authorities violates three federal statutes.

Textbook: Introduction to Business Law 6th edition

Authors: Jeffrey F. Beatty, Susan S. Samuelson, Patricia Sanchez Abril.

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