Create a digital presentation

Create a 10 slide digital presentation for school faculty and staff that explains the components and legal requirements of transition planning under IDEA.

Address the following within your presentation:

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Create a digital presentation
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Describe each of the required components of a transition plan according to IDEA.

Complete a transition plan for Alex using the data provided in the “Case Scenario: Alex,” sharing each transition plan component as an example.

Describe 2-3 strategies that promote successful transitions for students with disabilities.

Identify 2-3 collaboration strategies that are useful when working with students, families, and IEP teams to create transition plans for students with disabilities.

Include a title slide, reference slide, and presenter notes.

The digital presentation should include graphics that are relevant to the content, visually appealing, and use space appropriately.

Support your findings with 3-5 scholarly resources.

Case Scenario: Alex

Alex is an 18-year-old student with autism. He is in the 12thgrade and receives special education services in a self-contained classroom in an urban high school. Alex receives instruction both in the classroom and in the community to improve his vocational, academic, and social skills. He is currently participating in community-based training in an office setting completing tasks such as data entry and spreadsheet development. He is diligent and methodical in completing the varied tasks assigned to him. Alex reads grade level texts independently; however, he demonstrates deficits in reading comprehension and oral expression. In elementary and middle school, he participated in a general education math course and maintained a B average. In high school, he received two years of Teach Math, opting out of standard courses of Algebra I, Algebra II, and Geometry.

After school, Alex works part-time at a local office supply store entering numerical data to keep track of stock and services rendered by store staff. Alex is detail-oriented and reviews each column of numbers several times before moving on to type another column. This results in slower production rates in comparison to other workers who complete similar tasks, but his behavior is appropriate at work and he has expressed that he likes it. He is punctual each day, and he is willing to stay late when needed. He really enjoys getting a paycheck and he usually spends his money on fast food and online movies and games.

Alex is intimidated by his boss because he knows that the boss has the ability to fire him, a fact that his teachers at school presented during a unit about behavior in the workplace. Alex has fixated on this fact, making him afraid to talk to his boss. Additionally, Alex knows that at times his speech is not understood by people he does not know, so sometimes he avoids talking to such individuals. As a result, instead of speaking to his boss, Alex usually tells problems or concerns to his school job coach who visits Alex at the job site each week. The job coach is concerned that Alex will not ask for help if an emergency occurs, and that a certain level of communication between Alex and his boss is necessary to develop a good working relationship. The boss views Alex as a valuable employee and is willing to provide opportunities for Alex to develop appropriate communication skills. The boss has also expressed an interest in employing Alex for more hours per week after graduation, if he continues to develop his business skills.

Alex’s mother has expressed that she will support her son in his job at the office supply store by helping him work on skills that are needed for the job, but she believes he will need support to be successful in this employment setting, especially when new tasks are assigned. She knows that after Alex graduates, his school job coach will stop visiting him at work so she cannot depend on his continued help. Currently, Alex has no services from the local vocational rehabilitation agency, although his mother voiced an interest in this at his last IEP meeting.

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