Neurological Disorders Case Study.

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Topic: Neurological Disorders Case Study

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Neurological Disorders Case Study.
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Details: Prior to beginning work on this discussion forum, read Chapter 15 of your course text.
For this discussion, you will pick one of the cases listed in the Week 5 Discussion – Case Studies document, and take on the role of the clinician.( I chose Case Study #3. Case Study #3 is attached)
Please read case study #3 and take on the role of the Clinician and provide the following information. (Case Study #3 is attached)
•       Identify the patient’s symptoms and the available demographic and historical data.
•       Discuss your differential diagnosis and provide a thorough basis for any diagnoses you have included.
•       Determine what (if any) additional testing you would order and how this would be helpful in clarifying the diagnosis.
•       Finally, explain recommendations for the patient/family for ongoing functioning (social, occupational and academic, if applicable).
You must use a minimum of two peer-reviewed articles in your discussion to support your diagnostic conclusions.

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