Global Supply Chains.

680 Global Supply Chains

Case Study #1: Fuyao Glass America: Sourcing Decision, by Willy Shih Harvard Business School, Case 9-618-0072018 (I WILL GIVE YOU $9 AS THE TIP AFTER YOU BUY THIS CASE STUDY)
This case study focuses on the factors that influence production location choice in today’s global economy.
It concerns the world’s largest automotive glass producer as it expands from China into the U.S. The key decision being addresses is whether to locate the production facility for the U.S. market in Ohio or in Tianjin, China. It is important because around the world, markets are growing and supply chain management decisions are becoming more complex.Working in teams, provide one response per team to each of the following questions.
Address the following questions (in this case study, there is no need to use an article to support your analyses):
3. Make projections of how the cost comparison will evolve over the next 2 years, based on other information provided in the case. (200-250 words)
5. What opportunities would you recommend that management pursue in closing the gaps identified above?(50 words)

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Global Supply Chains.
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