Leadership and Organizational Culture.

Leadership and Organizational Culture

Based on your reading of The Best-Performing CEOs in the World (attached) choose four of the CEOs mentioned in the article to answer the following questions for each CEO and his or her organization.

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Leadership and Organizational Culture.
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  1. In what ways has each leader proven to be ideal (e.g. performance, leadership, growth)?
  2. How has each leader shaped his or her organizational culture?
  3. Document and discuss the characteristics in this leader that you see in your own strategic leadership or that you want to add to your strategic leadership. How would these characteristics in you transfer to your organizational culture?
  4. What do you believe this leader would do differently than, or the same as, you have done in your Capsim company to ensure positive organizational culture?

Your paper will be 5-7 pages with support from a minimum of two external sources.

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