Identify and describe the product/service that you want to market

Finish the marketing plan you began in Week 2 and wow your internship bosses!

Create an APA style formatted Word document that includes at least 3 references outside of the course text and contains paragraphs that cover the topics below.

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Identify and describe the product/service that you want to market
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The length of your marketing plan will vary based on your degree of succinctness. Most documents fall between 9-13 double spaced pages. For more details, including minimum lengths by topic, check out our sample McDonald’s marketing planPreview the document.

Note that you’ve already covered this first set of topics in your Week 2 situational analysis. Feel free to revise your earlier work as needed.

A description of your selected company/brand
The core products/services they offer
A brief history
Key current competitors
A SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, threats & opportunities) analysis
For each, identify and describe a minimum of 3 examples (12 in total).
A description of the product/service that you want to market & SWOT rationale
Now address the additional topics below to complete your marketing plan. Again, reference our example and the identified text chapters for additional context.

Segmentation approach and rationale
e.g., Demographic, geodemographic, behavioral, psychographic, etc.
Target market(s) description
Positioning statement
Marketing mix details
Address each “P” (product, place, price, promotion) of the marketing mix separately and explain your choices. This is the heart of your plan.
Success metrics
Discuss at least 3 metrics you might analyze to evaluate the success of your plan.
International considerations
Identify at least 3 business or sociocultural considerations in translating your marketing plan for use in a foreign market.
Summarize your plan and why it deserves to be funded.
References (at least 3 outside of the textbook)
Carefully review the Grading Rubric (Links to an external site.) for the criteria that will be used to evaluate your assignment.

Our sample marketing plan for McDonald’s…

image: Matthew Kang via Flickr (Links to an external site.) (CC BY-ND 2.0)

View the ExamplePreview the document. (Links to an external site.)

Text chapters to reference…
SWOT: 2.1, 8.1, 9.2
Remember, strengths and weaknesses relate to factors within your brand’s control; opportunities and threats relate to factors outside that control.
Segmentation approaches: 7.3
Targeting: 7.3
Positioning: 6.1, 7.3
Marketing Mix, Product: 4
Marketing Mix, Place: 5
Marketing Mix, Price: 6
Marketing Mix, Promotion: 7
Success metrics: 9.4
International considerations: 8.5

My selected brand is Under Armour. Would you like the paper from week 2 also as a reference?
 White, S. (2019). Principles of marketing (2nd ed.). Retrieved from

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