What do we learn from the arts that we cannot learn through other platforms?

Short Essay #1Due Date​:Essay Instructions​: The educational value of art in American culture○What do the arts teach us? What do we learn from the arts that we cannot learnthrough other platforms? How do the arts factor into our educationalinstitutions (i.e. schools)? Etc.○Consider your specific topic within the arts and the questions you wantanswered, then think about how you can use the above questions to help getyou closer to proving your argument.Guidelines​:All short response essays must be typed, double-spaced, and ​submitted on Blackboard prior tothe start of class when it is due​. Each response should follow MLA formatting. The followingstructural format must be followed when submitting a response essay:oFont: Times New RomanoFont Size: 12oMargins: 1” top, bottom and sidesoPage numbers: Bottom Centero3-4 pages in lengthoMust include the proper MLA header, in-text citations, and a Works Cited page (useyour textbook as a reference, if necessary)oMust include a strong thesis that argues your perspective on the educational value ofart in American culture in relation to the facet of art you’ve chosen to investigate.oMust be broken up into paragraphs (How many? Up to you. My rule of thumb is thatyou shouldn’t have a paragraph longer than a page in length)oMust include a thoughtful conclusionoMust use research from at least ​2 different ​reliable​ sources​ to support your argument○Be sure to challenge ideas, compare/contrast sources, and synthesize (considerall of the small details and how they all fit together) before drawing conclusions.

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What do we learn from the arts that we cannot learn through other platforms?
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