Communications within a computer network.


Instructions: Answer all questions in a single document. Then submit to the
appropriate assignment folder. Each response to a single essay question should
be about a half-page in length (about 150 words).
1. Communications within a computer network rely on numerous
components for data to traverse from the initial sender of a message or file
to the receiver at the distant end of the communication path. In addition to
the media that the data travels across, the devices that guide the data
packets through the network, and the protocols that establish end-to-end
connectivity and negotiate the communication, network services play a
critical role in providing the necessary addressing and name resolution
services. Describe the following services and their role in network
communications: ARP, DHCP, ICMP, SNMP, and DNS.
2. Modern organizations rely on the Internet for information and research
necessary to stay competitive but this access can come with significant risk
if they don’t take the necessary steps to safeguard their internal resources
from outside attackers. In this week’s reading, various types of firewalls and
firewall configurations were discussed. Describe the terms bastion host,
DMZ, dual-homed firewall, screened host, and screened subnet and their
roles in firewall architectures.
3. Many organizations employ a mobile workforce and/or provide the option
of telework to their employees to allow them to work from home. In both
situations, a secure means of accessing the corporate network remotely
must be provided. Discuss the four main tunneling protocols used to
provide virtual private network access between remote users and their
corporate network.

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