Case StudyWhich domain do you believe is her strongest? Explain.

Unit 3: Case Study


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Case StudyWhich domain do you believe is her strongest? Explain.
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A case study analysis requires that you investigate a business problem, examine the possible and/or alternative solutions, and propose the most effective solution using supporting evidence.

  • Read and examine the case carefully.
  • Focus on the issues/problems.
  • Brainstorm possible solutions or changes that need to be made.
  • Select the best solution with reasoning.


  • Evaluate the role of developing skills to be an effective leader (CLO 2).
  • Recognize how to apply conceptual skills when facing challenges (CLO 5).
  • Identify how to utilize your strengths and the strengths of others to build a more effective team (CLO 4 and CLO 6).


      • This case study provides a biography of Sociologist Dr. Brene Brown, research professor, speaker, and author, who studies difficult topics such as shame, vulnerability, courage, and empathy. Brene had moved several times as a child, moving from New Orleans to Houston to Washington D.C. and back to Houston. Moving as much as she did made her feel separate from others and when the marriage of her parents disintegrated, she even felt more alone. Brown believed though that her coping mechanism was studying people and understanding and recognizing the behavior patterns of others.Brown did not follow the traditional path to college; she traveled across Europe, engaged in self-destructive behaviors, and after having dropped out of college earlier, she graduated at 29 with a bachelor’s degree in social work. She became interested in qualitative research and the notion of grounded theory, and decided to study the topic of shame, despite the lack of support from her mentors.Brene eventually became a professor at the University of Houston, and instead of presenting her research in a traditional, peer-reviewed manner, she instead wanted to present her findings in a more mainstream manner. She self-published her first book and received enough recognition to attract a well-known publisher who would eventually republish it and continue her career. She is now a well-known speaker earning up to $100,000 per engagement and continues to present herself and her mission in her own form and her own way.


  1. Read the full case study in the textbook: Case 6.2 The Strength to Stand Out.
  2. Answer the case study discussion questions.
  3. Submit your work for review.


    1. Based on the strengths listed in Table 6.1, select five strengths that you think are descriptive of Brene Brown. Explain your answer.
    2. Based on your answer to the previous question, which of the 4 Domains of Talent Themes found in Table 6.2 (Executing, Influencing, Relationship Building, or Strategic thinking) do you think best apply to Brene? Which domain do you believe is her strongest? Explain.
    3. Which of the Values in action (VIA) character strengths (Table 6.3) would you attribute to Brene Brown?
    4. In applying the CAPP’s perspective, strengths are defined as “the things that we are good at and that give us energy when we are using them.” Based on the definitions for the CAAP’s categories:
      • Identify and list Dr. Brene Brown’s “realized strengths.”
      • What would you consider Dr. Brene Brown’s “unrealized strengths” to be?
      • Can you identify any “learned behaviors” as defined by this model?
      • Can you identify any “weaknesses” as defined by this model?


  • Full points will be earned if the case study(s):
    • responds to every aspect of the assignment
    • contains fully developed answers
    • displays a familiarity with the related materials and topics being referenced
  • Exhibit the ability to apply the related concepts to the case study.
  • Each question warrants a response that is well developed and is well-formatted.
  • At least one page in length, typed, and double spaced.
  • All cited material must include both internal citations and a complete reference list at the end of the paper.

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