Standards and Technology

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Standards and Technology
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Standards and Technology

As the digital economy expands, with new business models, technologies, products, and services, regulators around the world can benefit from collaborative approaches such as co-regulation, self-regulation, and international coordination. Through multi-stakeholder meetings that produce concrete policy guidance and voluntary standards, regulators and firms, as well as other interested parties, can be engaged in the process.

Health IT standards are good examples of a collaborative approach between stakeholders. Despite the effort, the healthcare IT field is still behind compared to other industries.

Articulate the importance of healthcare IT standards.

Include the following aspects in the discussion:

  • Choose one of the standards listed in Health IT
  • Do not choose the same standard as peers
  • Locate an outside reference related to your chosen standard
  • Summarize the Health IT Standard selected
  • Discuss the impact of your chosen standard
  • Discuss peers chosen standards

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