Explain challenges for implementation.

Topic this week: Community Resource Exploration

Explore your community and provide descriptions of two types of services you see that go beyond deinstitutionalization. WEBSITE LINK BELOW (under one and two) PROVIDES THIS ALREADY FOR BOTH, USE LINKS PROVIDED. Now, use this format to answer each question being asked in 100- 150 words only, by writing under each number. Use two or more resources to support your explanations for each. While APA format is not required for the body of this assignment, solid academic writing is expected, and documentation of sources, such as in-text citation should be presented using APA citation. NO PLAGARISM!!

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Explain challenges for implementation.
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  • Website Link: https://cbhcare.com/programs/adolescent-services/kare-kearny-adolescent-residential-experience.html

Type of Service or Program #1:

  1. Summary of the services provided or how the program works.
  1. Describe the target population and how many people are served by the service or program.
  1. Explain the positive outcomes of the program.
  1. Explain challenges for implementation.

References used to support information:



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