Did Mr. Clark violate the CRA(1964)?

Lovely Canyon City is now advertising for a secretary-receptionist who can type 45 words /minute and take shorthand.  The ad specified that the applicant be pleasant, well-groomed, and willing to perform duties like making and serving coffee and neatening up the office.  The salary is negotiable.

One applicant was Lani Kolini, a male from Iran and a naturalized citizen living in the city.  He is 30 years old and a college graduate.  In college, he had held office in several social and honor orgnizations.  He had received no job offers after graduating.

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Did Mr. Clark violate the CRA(1964)?
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The city manager, William Clark, interviewed him.  Mr. Kolini had a small, well-groomed beard.  When asked about the beard Mr. Kolini replied it was part of his cultural heritage.  When asked by Mr. Clark why he became a U. S. citizen, Mr. Kolini replied that this question was not job-related.  And when Mr. Clark informed him that he must perform some housekeeping duties and dress up the office, Mr. Kolini replied that he always tried to be well groomed and pleasant but did not wear a suit and tie and did not care to be someone’s personal maid.

Mr. Clark did not hire Mr. Kolini.  Clark instead hired a 21-year-old high school graduate with 2 years’ experience as a receptionist-typist at a hotel.  She did not type the 45-words-per minute and had minimal secretarial skills but was very bouncy and cute.

Questions to be addressed in your essay:

  1. Give reasons why you would hire Mr. Kolini.
  2. Give reasons why you would not hire Mr. Kolini.
  3. Is there discrimination based upon nationality here on Mr. Clark’s part?
  4. Would you hire a questionably qualified person over a highly educated person?
  5. Did Mr. Clark violate the CRA(1964)?
  6. What would you do to prevent this type of incident from happening?

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