Hello this is a Discussion and a reply. The discussion should be about 500-600 words long and the reply to another student should be around 300-350 words. You have to include the two books I will provide and look for one other source to answer the questions. I will give you to samples of other students and you can so create an idea of how to do it and also the reply is going to be just to one of those students. Let me know if you pick student one or two for the reply. For the first question in the discussion you can use charter schools and people in prison as an example because I myself was a charter school student. And yes I believe that it can change and become restorative justice if we try. The rest you can write from the readings I will provide and from the source and your own thoughts tell me what you will say before doing it right away. I do not need an outline page you do not need to spend time on that. PLEASE use APA format. and be respectful in the reply to the other student. I provided first the discussion assignment second I provided the reply assignment than I told you which chapters to read and included the books in the drop box and at the end I gave you the two students discussions. I think it is clear if not let me know if you have any questions.DISCUSSION: Where do you see restorative justice in general playing out currently, schools, prison, family? Do you believe our current systems and country given it racial & political climate fosters the opportunity for restorative justice? Identify the dominant and alternative discourses that support the school to prison pipeline. Define restorative practices in your own words (based on your experiences, the restorative video posted, lectures, and readings for this week). How could restorative elements shift the dominant discourse? Describe the distinctions between restorative and retributive systems. Also be sure to reference the resources from this month as well as identify at least one outside restorative reference (website, book, article) to support your response. (min. 500 words)REPLY: In approximately 300 words respond to another person in your group about their planned circle. What did you learn by reading about their circle? What did you find yourself agreeing with and disagreeing with about their plan? Do you have any other suggestions for them to add to their circle based on the purpose they set.SOURCES read those to be able to answer the questionMarian Liebman please read chapter 1& 2Braithwaite please read chapter 1ReferencesLiebmann, M. (2007). Restorative Justice: How it Works. London and Philadelphia: Jessica Kingsley Publishers.Mualimm- ak, Five. “School to Prison Pipeline .” Youtube, 21 July 2014,, Douglass. “Prison to School Pipeline: Education as Transformation ” Youtube, 1 June 2014,

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