Should the company hire a business analyst?

Problem Description:

A real estate company is considering the development of one of the following three possible projects: (1) an apartment building; (2) an office building; (3) a warehouse. The amount of payoff (profit) that could be earned by selling the estate depends on the economic conditions, specified as: optimistic, realistic and pessimistic.

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Should the company hire a business analyst?
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In preparation for a final decision, the company is considering the hiring of a business analyst. If the company hires the analyst, the decision regarding which project to develop will not be made until the analyst presents a survey.

You have to prepare and submit a managerial report where you should answer the question: Which one of the development projects should be selected? And based on your estimates, should the company hire a business analyst?

PLEASE read the module 3, and use the Assignment 2’s datas to analysis these questions.

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