Is this theory applicable across gender, race, culture, age, etc?

Theories and Culture

Review the theories in Chapter 4. Provide a summary of ONE of the following theories: self in relationships, object relations, Afrocentric relational, or social identity. How does the theory address your specific developmental stage? Is this theory applicable across gender, race, culture, age, etc? What are the limitations of this theory? (200 words)

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Is this theory applicable across gender, race, culture, age, etc?
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What is your definition of culture? How is your definition similar or different to the post modern view of culture? What do you think is the relationship between the Physical Environment and Human Behavior? How does simulation, control, behavior setting theories relate to the urban culture in Baltimore city and the population groups social workers aim to help? (350 words)

Compare and contrast ecological system perspective to systems theory. Provide a brief explanation of the impact of human diversity on the various systems. Use the readings to support your answer and reference properly. (200 words)

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