Social Media and Violence.

The student’s work should be a well-evidenced and documented research paper of around 1200 words and is allocated 100 points.


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Social Media and Violence.
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The Research Paper should include a list of references (print and electronic) at the end of your paper in addition to in- text citation as per the requirements of the Harvard Citation & Referencing Style. Proper referencing is a serious academic requirement and skill and will be rewarded accordingly.


Broad Research Topics to Choose ONE from:

1) Pollution and Environment

2) Digital Learning

3) Growing population

4) Social Media and Violence

5) Role of woman  in Literature

Requirements and Guidelines:


  1. Select ONE broad topic and narrow it down.
  2. Write your research question in relation to the selected broad research topic.
  3. Collect related resources.
  4. Use at least FIVE different resources to evidence your paper. Resources types should vary to include at least THREE of the following:
  • Online journal(s)
  • Books (with one author/multiple authors)
  • Articles in edited books
  • Media resources (interview, series, documentary)
  • Anthology
  • Report
  • An encyclopedia entry
  • Forum
  1. Use resources for in-text citation and referencing. You should be able to give direct quotations, paraphrasing as well as summarizing to evidence your argument. This should follow the Harvard in-text citation style.
  2. Write a thesis statement that well reflects your research question.
  3. Produce an edited and a proofread research paper of 1200 words.
  4. Produce a List of References page following the Harvard Referencing Style.
  5. Avoid Plagiarism.


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