Social justice.

Wrongful Convictions

JS101 1 Policy Paper Each student will write a policy paper examining a specific social justice topic relevant to the course. Students will be allowed to choose from a predetermined list of acceptable general topics, and will then choose a more specific aspect upon which to focus. Students may also propose a topic, but it must be cleared by the instructor. The purpose of this paper is not just to specifically test knowledge, but to force critical thinking about an aspect of the chosen topic, and associated implications of policy or policies tied to the topic.This paper should be no more than about 2,000 words (not including the cover page or references). Direct quotations are not allowed; however, students may paraphrase material. Paraphrasing still requires proper APA citations. Students are not permitted to reuse any course work from a previous or currentcourse for the purposes of this paper. No late papers will be accepted barring a documented and valid need for a limited extension, which must be discussed with the instructor in advance of the deadline. General Formatting Requirements 1. A cover page2. Running Head (upper left-hand corner of the header)3. Page numbering (upper right-hand corner of the header)4. 1” margins on all sides5. Strict double-spacing (no additional space before or after each line – check paragraph settings)6.Times New Roman, 12 point font throughout your entire paper – cover page through references7. All text (with the exception of headings within the body of the paper) should be left-justified (i.e.,do not “Justify” the text of your paper as the spacing will be off).8. Written in formal English, with college-level writing mechanics and APA-style formatting,inclusive of in-text citations and referencesPaper Length, Source Requirements, and Structure 1.The paper must be no more than 2,000 words in length (not inclusive of the cover page orreferences).2.Only scholarly, peer-reviewed sources (i.e., journal articles) will be accepted (both theoretical andempirical in nature). Information from scholarly textbooks is permitted, but will not count asofficial source material3.The minimum number of sources required is eight.General Paper Structure:The structure the paper will include four main sections.I.IntroductionA.Introduce specific topic to be analyzedB.Provide any relevant historical information pertaining to the respective issue(s), theory(or theories), and most importantly, policy.

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