Explain the major risks or opportunities of the project.

KBL Acquisition Project

The activities that occur when initiating a project

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Explain the major risks or opportunities of the project.
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I’m working on a Business case study and need support to help me understand better.

Business Case

KBL is eager to move forward with acquisition of their competitor, will enable them to expand operations & triple their workforce. It will take 18 months to complete the project at a cost of $5 million.

1. Comprehensively explained the purpose of the project in a well-written business case

2. Comprehensively explain the pros and cons of the project (benefits) in a well written business case

3. Develop the budget/funding schedule (this is how you project to allocate $5 million buget) in well-written business case

4. Explain the major risks or opportunities of the project

My task is to create a business case in Microsoft Word with necessary steps to complete the acquisition, The business case is essential for providing justification & detail scope of work for the project, It needs creativity with the above items/questions as am running the project

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