What are the primary liabilities involved in serving alcohol?

Requirements & Formatting

Paper is at least 3 full pages of text, double spaced, single indented, with name and “Alcohol Liability” in the header only.

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What are the primary liabilities involved in serving alcohol?
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Paper is well-written, grammatically correct, succinct, and flows logically from one idea to the next. Minimal fluff.

Formatting requirements are fully met and paper is of appropriate length.

Paper demonstrates deductive thinking, not a regurgitation of points from Internet sources.

Paper is not plagiarized, cut and pasted, or paraphrased. Quoted material does not count towards the length requirement.

Full works cited page.

Paper Must Address the Following:

What are the primary liabilities involved in serving alcohol?

What are the different kinds of liquor licenses, and how do they differ with regard to operations and cost. How does a business obtain a liquor license in Florida? Describe the steps, costs, and obstacles relevant to obtaining a full service and restaurant liquor license.

What is the Florida Responsible Vendors Act, and how does it affect alcohol vendors?

What is the three-tier distribution system? Explain how it works and give specific examples.

Find one current event (no more than 3 years old) detailing a business that has been identified as knowingly serving alcohol illegally.

Discuss what happened and identify the immediate and long-term consequences for the business.

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