Propose changes to the program that you think would help benefit the community.

Program Evaluation

It is essential that organizations deliver effective programs that meet the needs of their communities. Program evaluation is a critical component for any community organization. Research a program of a community organization in your area. Describe the organization and the program. Assume that you have been hired to evaluate this program. Using the text and outside resources, create a program evaluation methodology, including a needs assessment. Support your choice of methodology and analyze how this methodology would best fit the organization and the community. Finally, discuss how the results of your evaluation will affect the organization and propose changes to the program that you think would help benefit the community. Your paper should adhere to APA formatting and be at least 1500 words.

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Propose changes to the program that you think would help benefit the community.
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The organization I will use is the Schenectady Jewish Community Center. Here are some resources:

McKnight, J. & McKnight Plummer, J. (2015). Community organizing: Theory and practice. Retrieved from

Chapter 7: Participatory Research
Chapter 8: Planning and Implementation
Chapter 9: Management and Evaluation
Appendix A: Details of Participatory Research Strategies

Required References

Carroll-Scott, A., Toy, P., Wyn, R., Zane, J. I., & Wallace, S.P. (2012). Results from the data & democracy initiative to enhance community-based organization data and research capacity. American Journal of Public Health, 102(7), 1384-1391.

Pasick, R., Oliva, G., Goldstein, E., Nguyen, T. (2010). Community-engaged research with community–based organizations: A resource manual for UCSF researchers. From the Series: UCSF Clinical and Translational Science Institute (CTSI) resource manuals and guides to community-engaged research (Fleisher, P. ed.). San Francisco, California: Clinical Translational Science Institute Community Engagment Program, University of California San Francisco. Retrieved from…

Philadelphia Fed. (2014, June 12). Neighborhoods by the numbers: Data-driven tools for neighborhood revitalization [Video file]. Retrieved from (Links to an external site.)

Timberlake, M., Sanderson, M.R., Ma, X., Derudder, B., Winitzky, J., & Witlox, F. (2012). Testing a global city hypothesis: An assessment of polarization across US cities. City & Community, 11(1), 74-93.

Recommended References

Center for Disease Control. (2012). CDC coffee break: Using mixed methods in program evaluation. Retrieved from…

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