Analyze how Buddhism shows up in a movie.

Title of the Movie: Tashi and the Monk
In this paper, you will analyze how Buddhism shows up in a movie of your choice. It may be helpful to just choose your favorite movie. The movie does not have to directly mention or be about Buddhism. You will interpret how at least one of the themes (e.g., change, desire, suffering, etc.) from Buddhism shows up in the movie. The theme should be one or more of the Three Marks of Reality, the Four Noble Truths, The Noble Eightfold Path, etc.

Be sure to follow each part of the prompt below so you don’t lose points.

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Analyze how Buddhism shows up in a movie.
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Your paper should be 4-5 pages in length (12pt. font, double space) and must include the following.

Section A – Introduction

Include what you are going to write about and why you chose this particular movie. Here’s an example.


Give a detailed overview of the life of Siddhartha/the Buddha from events surrounding his birth, his early life, his midlife and the end of his life including his last words.

Describe the Four Passing Sights. State why you think the Four Passing Sights and the Great

Going Forth were major turning points in Siddhartha’s life.
Section C – Social Location and Description

The description should include the following (within 1-2 paragraphs).

the title, the director/writer’s name, date, and any other pertinent background information
the setting – which includes the city, state or country; regional designation such as urban, rural, suburban, small town, wilderness, etc.; time period (e.g. the 1990s)
synopsis – general overview of the story
Section D – Buddhist Themes

At what point of the story does the Buddhist theme (change, suffering, desire, etc.)? Describe what’s going on in the story before this scene.

Describe the scene in which the Buddhist theme is portrayed.

Describe in detail how the Buddhist theme is represented in the film.
Section E – Comparative Analysis

Compare the film’s portrayals of the Buddhist theme to Buddhism as discussed in this course by answering the following.

Define and describe all of the important elements of the Buddhist theme according to the course readings, lectures, discussion, etc. Cite pages from the textbook.

Give three similarities of the Buddhist theme as it is in the film compared to that theme according to the course readings.

Give three differences of the Buddhist theme as it is in the film compared to that theme according to the course readings.

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