What makes international negotiation different?

International negotiation is different.  The author of the course text noted that two overall contexts exist, environmental and immediate, that have an influence on international negotiations.  The author lists fourteen factors that should be understood to grasp the complexity of international negotiations.  For this assignment, you will write a paper in APA format, including an introduction and conclusion, focusing on international negotiations.  Address the following and include a heading for each of the topics:
According to the author of the course text (pp. 244-249), what makes international negotiation different? Of the 14 mentioned in the text, select what you consider the most important five for this topic.  Use subheadings to identify each of the five.
It is important to understand central values and norms and how they influence negotiations.  Discuss Hofstedes model of cultural dimensions, as presented in the course text.  How might each of the four dimensions in his study assist you in preparing for negotiations with negotiators from other cultures?  Each of the four dimensions should be a sub-heading.

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What makes international negotiation different?
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