John Kennedys Inaugural Speech, 1961.

The purpose of this assignment is to use primary sources to analyze how the U.S. Presidents of the 1960s viewed their decade

Read the primary source documents listed below.  You must all of them in your paper Be sure to cite these documents in your paper.

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John Kennedys Inaugural Speech, 1961.
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John Kennedys Inaugural Speech, 1961
Lyndon Johnsons Inaugural Speech, 1965
Richard Nixons Inaugural Speech, 1969
Use Revel or another source(s) to review the 1960s get the Who, What, When, Where and Why of the decade and the challenges before each administration. Doing this should give you a sense of the 1960s in general. Note make sure your evidence is academic.
Then examine the historical documents listed above with respect to the specific years that are covered.  Identify the problem(s) mentioned and the solution(s) offered.
Documents Argument (This is a major part of the paper). Use the documents to show how these presidents would have agreed or disagreed on important issues. You must use all 3 of the documents.  Be sure to find a total of 5 similarities and differences at a minimum ratio of 5:1 (You must have at least one similarity or one difference.  In addition, you must use each presidential speech at least once.
Write an MLA formatted paper of between 1,000 and 1,200 words of text.  This does NOT include the Works Cited page.  Do not include a cover page.
No lengthy quotes from the documents.  A lengthy quote is a full line of text or longer. Also, you are only allowed two quotes for each President.
You must cite your sources within the paper and have a works cited page.  Do not forget to cite your sources that informed you of the decade either REVEL or another source(s).
I recommend that you have the Writers Corner at AC proofread your paper. Be sure to inform them that you want them to email me regarding your submission. NOTE they will point out grammar errors only and will not correct them.

Paper mechanics

Have an introductory paragraph that briefly outlines the decade.
Have a separate paragraph for each President that summarizes their views from their speeches.
Then have your Arguments Paragraph that works the documents together pointing out similarities and differences.
Font is to be New Roman Times at 12 pt and double spaced.

The post history in 1960

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