Data Software.

After completing the required reading assignments. Provide a critical analysis discussion using your own professional work experience and learning from the reading. At the post graduate level you are not to provide a summary but rather provide a critical thinking assessment of the topic. You must use at least one Biblical citation, one peer-reviewed journal article citation, and one course primary topic textbook citation to inform you further on the topic.

Must be 500750 words with in-text citation and references. Be sure you copy and paste your text into the DB. You may attach a documents after posting text to the DB.

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Data Software.
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The following 3 sources must be included in your thread:

The course primary topic textbook
At least 1 peer-reviewed journal article
1 passage of Scripture
You must cite all sources you used in current APA format.

Textbook Readings
Ahmed (2019): Sections 12.1-12.4

Bartlett (2013): Chapter 10: Data Collection.

Bartlett (2013) Chapter 11: Data Software.

Merida (2015): Elisha: Mighty in word and deed, pp. 428-463.

The post Data Collection and Software

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