What are the three places humans store energy?

Questions—Water and Energy Balance.What three categories of energy expenditure make up the Total Energy Expenditure? Define each briefly. For the average person, how much does each contribute to the overall required?Your 25-year-old female friend (height 5 feet, 6 inches, weight 145 pounds, and lightly active PA) asks you how many calories she needs to consume to maintain her weight.Use the Mifflin-St. Jeor formula in found in the chapter on weight management, to calculate her TEE (total energy expenditure). Show your work. (worth 2 points)Give examples of foods that fall into the following categories: energy-dense, nutrient-dense, both energy and nutrient-dense, empty calories. Which of the four categories is most highly recommended?Your male coworker has a TEE of 3,000 kcal/day. He would like to lose weight, so you suggest he decrease his average daily intake to 2500 kcal/day. How long would it take him to lose five pounds?What is hypothyroidism? When is it usually diagnosed? What is the treatment? What foods and supplements can interfere with treatment?Per day, how many ounces should an adult woman drink in fluids outside of what she gets in food? How about an adult man? For each, how many 16-ounce bottles would this be?The first signs of dehydration can occur when an individual loses what percent of body weight? In the elderly, changes in what gland can create decreased thirst sensation which could potentially increase the risk of dehydration?What are the four functions of water in the body? Briefly describe them.What is the purpose of a diuretic? What is the difference in diet recommendations between those taking Lasix compared to Spironolactone?What are the three places humans store energy?Is thirst a reliable indicator we should use to determine how much and how frequently we should consume fluids?Why are older adults at an increased risk for dehydration?What is ADH, what does it do and what is another name for it?Worldwide, what is the second leading cause of death for children under the age of five?

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What are the three places humans store energy?
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