Case laws

“Companies stand to be governed according to the wishes of the majority, no matter how “unfair” the consequences may be to those with minority interests.”

With reference to relevant case-law and statute, critically analyse and evaluate whether the remedies and recourse available to minority shareholders is adequate.

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Case laws
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The essay needs to start with an Executive Summary of your argument. An Executive Summary is a concise document with a word count of 600 words, and that word count is separate from the word count of the essay. It should summarise your argument made in the main essay. It could be read separately from the main document and make perfect sense to the reader, as in practice, decisions are sometimes made based on executive summaries. The Executive Summary needs to contain a brief analysis of the question/issue within the question, Summarise the main argument, Follow the structure of the essay, Provide brief justifications for the arguments made. Only include materials used for the main essay

Contain a clear conclusion. Arguments need to contain a lot of case laws, case law analysis, as well as statues. Articles are needed as well.

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