What is mental health care like behind bars?


Please view the following video:

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What is mental health care like behind bars?
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The New Asylums (2005) 55 mins

America’s severely mentally ill, who once would have been in state psychiatric hospitals, are now in state prisons. Why is this happening? And, what is mental health care like behind bars? FRONTLINE goes deep inside Ohio’s prison system to examine a troubling and growing issue.

Video Link: http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/frontline/film/showsasylums/

After viewing the film, please write an essay answering the following questions. Essay must be at least 600 words, following proper writing mechanics (i.e. a proper introductory paragraph, body, and concluding paragraph) including proper spelling and grammar. You should draw from any experiences you may have had as well as film and course content. If information from outside sources is used, APA formatting should be applied accordingly (i.e. providing intext citations for outside sources and listing relevant references on a References page).


Why are prisons considered today’s new asylums?
What is mental health care like behind bars?
Be sure to use one of the three sociological approaches (i.e. functional analysis, conflict theory, or symbolic interactionism) to analyze and explain this phenomenon.

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