Restorative Justice Essay

Restorative Justice Essay
• For this assessment you will be required to produce and submit a 1500 word essay on Restorative Justice in one of the following topic areas: Hate Crime, Juvenile crime and antisocial behaviour, Intimate Partner Violence. Your assessment should conform to APA style in terms of formatting and referencing
• For details of the assessment, including the question options, please see the Module Handbook
Assess the value of restorative justice practices in ONE of the following three areas:
1) Hate Crime
The essay should show evidence of a critical evaluation of the psychological research evidence
available. Essays will be assessed according to the six standard Undergraduate Assessment Marking Criteria: (1) Relevance; (2) Quality of Argumentation; (3) Originality; (4) Knowledge and Content; (5) Quality of Explanation; (6) Style.
• This assessment is testing Learning Outcomes 1 to 4:
1. Retrieve, select and critically review relevant scholarship and psychological research in relation to the impact of crime and its consequences in an independent fashion.
2. Critically discuss the practical applications of psychological research on the impact and consequences of crime in forensic and clinical settings.
3. Critically discuss the aetiology of the problems underlying crime in society and the impact on victims of crime.
4. Critically evaluate the efficacy of psychological theory in relation to crime impacts and consequences.
• Alongside your independent study, the teaching/development activities that support this assessment are:
Lecture: Restorative Justice
Lecture: Antisocial behaviour and rioting
Lecture: Hate crime
Lecture: Intimate partner violence
Seminar: Restorative Justice

Have you checked the following in order to maximise the grade you can achieve for this assignment?
Learning Outcomes have been addressed
Similarity check via Turn-it-in (and checked the nature of any similarities)
Referencing accuracy according to provided guide
Word count (or other length limitation as described in the brief)

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