Counseling-Based Personality Assessment Scenario

Details: Counseling-Based Personality Assessment Scenario
Prior to beginning work on this discussion, read the Cohen, et al. (2013) and Wu, et al. (2007) articles and review the Evaluating Mental Health Patients (Links to an external site.) and HumanMetrics Jung Typology Test (Links to an external site.) websites.
For this discussion, you will be taking on the role of the intake counselor at a mental health facility. In this role, you will facilitate the evaluation of a client based on clinical personality assessments, mental status exam, and observations of the client to make recommendations to the treatment team consisting of the clinical psychologist, counselors, and case manager for the client. Carefully review the PSY615: Week Two Counseling-Based Personality Assessment Scenario (Links to an external site.).
In your initial post, examine the personality assessment instrument used in the scenario and research a peer-reviewed article in the Ashford University Library on this personality assessment. Using the required articles and websites as well as your researched article to support your statements, describe the standard use of this personality assessment. Based on the scenario, evaluate the reliability, validity, and cultural considerations inherent to the personality assessment used and comment on the relevance of these elements within the scenario. Analyze and describe some of the potential ethical issues which might arise from the use of this personality assessment in the given scenario. Provide information from your research regarding the use of the personality measure, and assess the value of other possible instruments that could be added to create a more complete assessment of the client in the scenario.

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Counseling-Based Personality Assessment Scenario
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A Forum About Interviewing and Diagnosis for Clinicians
By James Morrison, M. D.

Here’s what I’m trying to do:

With the publication of DSM-5, there’s another thousand pages (nearly) of material loose in the land concerning mental health diagnosis. Much of it (most of it) is complicated; some of it is contradictory. And all of it is subject to the interpretation of readers, who come to the project with a variety of backgrounds and levels of education, training, experience, and understanding. I intend these pages to present a forum for discussion of not just DSM-5, but mental health evaluation and diagnosis in general. (I’m limiting myself here, inasmuch as my primary focus will not be on treatment but on evaluation and interpretation of diagnostic signs and symptoms.) And at that, I’ll stick mainly to the diagnosis of adults, though from time to time I will probably (inevitably) wander into the field of child and adolescent evaluation. I’ve even written a book (with Kathryn Flegel) that applies to kids.

You’ll find a lot more on the “About DSM-5” page.

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