The need for both accurate and timely information


Details: You were recently promoted from being on the floor to now supervising the entire department. Coworkers who were friends yesterday are now direct reports today. As you begin to review the financial information, you soon realize that there were distinct reasons why, as a floor tech, you were asked to record supplies used, duration of visits, arrival times, etc. You now understand why the previous manager placed such an emphasis on documentation. Needless to say, you want to share what you have learned with your employees to ensure that they understand the “why” of doing what you previously thought was busy work.

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The need for both accurate and timely information
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Resources to consult: Textbook and GU library resources as needed

Specific questions or items to address: In this assignment, you are to create a PowerPoint presentation that you would show your employees to help them understand the “why” behind the need for accurate information. In 8 to 10 slides, address the following points as they relate to healthcare financial management:

1) The need for both accurate and timely information

2) The impact that such information has on decision-making

3) The key differences between financial accounting and managerial accounting

4) Differences between raw data and processed data – and –

5) The timing of the various financial reports

Criteria: 8 to 10 slides with notes as needed. Be sure to include references and exclude the reference page from your slide count

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