Dengue (vector borne)

This week’s threaded discussion pertains to the topic of Epidemiology and Infectious Disease. After completing your assigned readings, Stanhope & Lancaster Chapters 9, 15, 26, reviewing the PowerPoint handout, and viewing the video below, Unseen Enemies: Mankind’s Fight Against Infectious Disease, answer the following questions according to the online discussion guidelines/instructions and rubric from the syllabus.
Unseen Enemies (Links to an external site.) – Video (12 videos = 2 hours and 13 minutes)
1) Take one of the following infections through the application of the epidemiologic triangle (Describe agent-host-environment-(time-vector if applicable]) Clearly describe the agent, host factors and environmental factors that allow a condition or disease to develop.
2) Describe three ways it can be prevented.
Coronovirus (cold virus)
Syphilis (bacterial STD)
Giardia (parasite infection)
Dengue (vector borne)
Histoplasmosis (fungal)

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