What do the terms “residual data” and “behavioral surplus” refer to?

1. Based on your reading of Chapter 11, name and describe Ripley and Watson’s four (4) listening styles… Of the four styles that you have listed and described…which style would you utilize? Explain your choice…why did you choose this style over the others? (please use the powerpoint attached to ONLY answer #1)

2. Question: Why is getting a grant important when working in the agencies?
3. Question: What are your thoughts on getting grants in the field of Human Services after the pandemic? In specific, what could be some possible consequences of the pandemic in getting funding in our field?

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What do the terms “residual data” and “behavioral surplus” refer to?
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4. Questions for Surveillance Capitalism Documentary. Watch video to answer questions (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hIXhnWUmMvw)

1. What do the terms “residual data” and “behavioral surplus” refer to? Why do companies like Google and Facebook seek to collect this data?

2. Shoshana Zuboff argues that surveillance capitalism is not restricted to our online activity. How did an algorithm accurately predict a woman’s pregnancy?

3. Zuboff uses the example of a photo of a birthday party uploaded to Facebook to make a point about how our photos contain more than just our faces. What kinds of uses can a photograph of someone’s face be put to, according to Zuboff?

4. From the perspective of surveillance capitalism, what is the real purpose of the Pokemon Go game?

5. Describe the case of Google’s home security system, Nest. What was hidden inside Nest devices and why was it useful according to the logic of surveillance capitalism?

6. What kinds of behaviors did Cambridge Analytica seek to manipulate among Facebook users in 2018?

7. Does Zuboff think that the European Union’s privacy legislation addresses the practices she associates with surveillance capitalism?

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