Analyze all issues for this exercise.

Amanda and Jake Hathaway are in a real predicament. Th ey want to live their life as husband and wife, but Amanda’s evil boyfriend, Derrick, has a secret hanging over their heads. Derrick and Amanda have a child together. Amanda has been living with Derrick to keep the secret but it’s wreaking havoc on her marriage with Jake. Derrick knows this and makes the following off er to Amanda: “If you agree to have another child with me, I will allow you to live with your husband Jake and I will give you joint custody of our children.” Derrick also told Amanda that she would have to continue living with him until the baby is born and that she cannot see or go near Jake during her pregnancy. After much thought, Amanda agrees and signs the contract that Derrick presents her. Of course, Derrick was just tricking Amanda because right after she has the baby, Derrick refuses to allow Amanda to go home to Jake. Amanda has had enough and wants to sue Derrick in court. a. Do Amanda and Derrick have an enforceable contract? b. What defenses does Derrick have against Amanda’s claims? Analyze all issues for this exercise.

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Analyze all issues for this exercise.
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