How many hits were returned for this search?

he Internet The Internet and World Wide Web are handy tools that can help you research topics covered in this textbook, complete many of the projects, and perform the online activities available via the textbook’s Web site that are designed to enhance your learning and help you prepare for exams on the content covered in this textbook. For this project, find an Internet-enabled computer on your campus, at home, or at your public library and perform the following tasks, then submit University of Gujrat Faculty of Computing & Information Technologyyour results and printout to your instructor. (Note: Some of the answers will vary from student to student.) a. Open a browser and the Google search site. Enter the search terms define: Internet to search for definitions of that term. Click on one result to display the definition. Use your browser’s Print option to print the page. b. Click your browser’s Back button to return to the Google home page. Use your browser’s Bookmark or Favorites feature to bookmark the page. Close your browser. c. Reopen your browser and use its Bookmark or Favorites feature to redisplay the Google home page. d. Google yourself to see if you can find any information online. On your printout from part a, indicate how many hits were returned for this search and if any on the first page of hits really contained information about yourself.

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How many hits were returned for this search?
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